IMAP at UConn

IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) is an email protocol used for retrieving and storing incoming mail sent over SMTP. 

This page contains:

  • Information about when and why to use IMAP 
  • Information about the requirements for using IMAP
  • IMAP settings for email client
  • How to setup Office 365 email access using IMAP through Thunderbird on a Mac or Windows computer

Note: IMAP is for receiving email.  If the user or application needs to send, they would use SMTP service to send.  For more information about SMTP, see About SMTP at UConn

When should you use IMAP?

IMAP should be used for two cases. The most common case is when an application needs to receive emails from a particular
email address and be able [to] retrieve them from a mailbox.  This case would be applicable if someone is running an application that needs to receive emails from an email address that doesn’t fit the standard email address format. An example of this is the ticketing system, Footprints, used by UITS.

The second case is if a person needs to receive emails from a particular email address and be able retrieve them from a mailbox.  This case would be common for a person who is managing a service and needs an account to handle their communication needs. An example service that would need this use case would be high performance computing (HPC).

What are the requirements to use IMAP?

For implementation of an IMAP account for either a person or an application, you must request a username from the UITS Help Center. If the requested name is not taken, an account will be created and you will be given the information to configure your email client to access your mailbox.

IMAP/POP3 Business Email Settings

Use the following settings 

  Server name  Port  Encryption method 
IMAP4 993 SSL 
SMTP 587  TLS 


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