SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) is a TCP/IP protocol used to receive outgoing email messages  as simple text from one mailbox to the receiving server.

This page contains:

  • Information about when and why they would use SMTP
  • Information about the requirements for using SMTP


When should you use SMTP?

The most common use of SMTP is for services run by vendors outside the university from off-campus whose mail function uses our SMTP service.  This requires them to have a service account and to configure their email client to use  Depending on your association with the university, you can use authenticated, unauthenticated, or service account SMTP access.  If a person wanted to use to send mail from anywhere on any device, they need to use authenticated method for SMTP access to send.


What are the requirements to use SMTP?

There are different requirements necessary to use SMTP depending on which access method is used.  Authenticated use requires a NetID and NetID password and can be done either on- or off-campus.  Unauthenticated use can only be done on-campus and does not require any credentials.  SMTP access through a service account can be done either on- or off-campus and requires a username and password.  Service account username and password are different from your NetID and NetID password and must be requested through the UITS Help Desk.