Plus Email Addressing

What is plus email addressing and how do I use it?

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Plus email addressing, also known as sub-addressing, allows you to create variations of a normal email address that will still be delivered to your institutional email account.

Why use plus email addressing?

The full address, including the extra information, can act as a label and be useful for managing email and site registrations. Here are two examples:

  • Use plus email addressing when you sign up for different newsletters or community lists. Then can you can easily filter or create rules for them, which can help you organize, search, and file the messages you receive from those senders.
  • Plus email addressing is also useful for creating disposable addresses that can prevent spam from coming to your mailbox. If you need to enter your email address in a form, you can enter a variant address in that form. After you get the required email, you can setup a block to never receive email at that address again.

How do I use plus email addressing?

To use this feature, append a plus (“+”) sign and desired descriptor after your account name and before the @ symbol (e.g.,

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Last Modified: 6/7/2017