Month: March 2015

Why should I opt-in to UConn Google Apps Public Services?

Though all students now receive a Google Apps account to use for their primary school email, many have no idea the suite of applications that comes with the account outside of just email. With the core services that students are given they have email, cloud storage, live collaboration on documents, and web video chat applications all for free! This core suite of applications is only the beginning and is now being extended for use by the faculty/staff of the university. The opt-in process for Public Services is available for all UConn Google Apps users to participate in and opens up a number of additional Google applications. Want more? Opt in Today!

  • Google Plus – social media that integrates many of the applications
  • Picasa Web Albums – online storage for your photos
  • Google Analytics – Webstats tracking application for your Google Sites
  • Google Takeout – online backup application for your Google account
  • Google Maps – get directions or even create your own custom maps
  • Blogger – easy to use blogging software
  • And many more! – Check out our Public Services page for the full list