G Suite Support


Why don't faculty and staff have acess to Gmail?

Due to the fact that faculty and staff already have @uconn.edu through Office 365 you cannot use that same email for Google Apps. This means that you can use all the applications; however you can only send email through the Gmail application. Any emails you receive in response or in general are sent to your @uconn.edu address will always go back to your Office 365 account.

What happens to my G Suite account after I graduate?

University of Connecticut students retain access to their university email accounts and their information saved in G Suite (formerly Google apps) indefinitely, as long as they do not engage in behavior that violates the institutional acceptable use policy.

How much cloud storage space do I have on Google Drive?

All UConn Google Drive accounts have unlimited storage.

Can I log into more than one Google account at the same time?

Google Apps allows you to have multiple accounts logged in at the same time. Once you log into your Gmail account click your user account which is next to the Share button. The option will show up to add an account. When you click on that it will prompt you to log into another account If you do log into multiple accounts at the same time make sure that you use your UConn Google Apps account for work related tasks. This is the only account which protects email and data under contract.

Why are certain G Suite Apps not working for me using my UConn account?

Core Services are enabled by default when you opt-in for your UConn Google Apps account. These services are protected under university contract and cannot be data mined by any Google service. This means that anything outside of the 6 main services (Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Hangouts, Sites, Groups) may not work when signed in with your account. If you would like full access to all the applications that Google offers then you may opt-in to G Suite Public Services. Please note that Public Services does not fall under the same contract and you have to agree to a different user level agreement when you opt-in. This is important to note because this may decide what Public applications you would use for work purposes.

Why can’t staff install some of the Google software on my workstation?

Depending on your department and/or school you may have different administrative rights to your computer. If policy in your area does not allow the installation of software, such as the Google Drive Application, we recommend that you access UConn Google Apps through a web interface.

I am a new student. When will I get access to my university email account?

Students receive access to their university email accounts before they matriculate and begin classes at the University. For undergraduates who plan to start in the fall semester, access begins mid-May when they have been matriculated into the University. For undergraduates starting classes in January, access begins in mid-November. Graduate students are matriculated throughout the year and receive their email account at the time of admission.