Office 365 Support


Where will my email and documents be stored once I am using Office 365?

Your email and documents will be securely stored on Microsoft's cloud servers. These servers are guaranteed to be housed in the United States.

What is the size of my mailbox in Office 365?

A mailbox in Office 365 is 50GB.

Can students take advantage of Office 365?

Students will be able to use all of the Office Online features after they log into the portal, but their official email account will remain as Gmail. Data in the Office 365 account will be deleted after the student graduates.

How do I log into the Office 365 portal?

Click the Office 365 login button on the homepage of or the "Launch Office 365" button on the service page. Login with your official email address and NetID password. Once logged in, you will see tiles that display the apps available to you.

What are the system requirements for Office 365?

For system requirements for Office 365, visit the following link, System requirements for Office, and view the current system requirements listed under Office 365 plans for business, education, and government.