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Faculty and staff should be aware that emails sent or received by a university email account are most likely public records that are subject to disclosure under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). Confidential or private information contained within emails, such as student information protected under FERPA, may be withheld or redacted as appropriate, but most emails of UConn employees are public records subject to disclosure.

For more information on FOIA please visit Public Records at UConn.

How do I change or reset my Office 365 password if I forgot it?

After reading this article students, faculty, and staff should be able to:

  • Change or reset their Office 365 Password
Note:Your Office 365 email password is your NetID password. When resetting your Office 365 password, you are also resetting your NetID password and vice versa.

Changing / Resetting an Office 365 Password

  1. Navigate to
  2. Under Quick Links, click Forgot Password.
  3. Enter your NetID and date of birth. Click Continue.
  4. If you have provided secondary contact information, your password change will be sent there. If you have not provided a secondary contact, click Switch to Secret Questions & Answers.
  5. Enter the answers to your secret questions and click Submit Answers.
  6. Enter your new password for your account and confirm it by re-entering it. Click Set Password.
  7. You should receive the message “Your password has been successfully set, you will automatically be redirected.”
  8. Navigate to Office 365 for Faculty/Staff and log in with your email address (for example: and your new password.

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Last Modified: 7/12/2017

Step by Step Instructions for Setting Up Your Staff Faculty Google Account

This guide explains how to create a UConn Google Apps account as Faculty and Staff affiliates.

What is Google Apps at UConn?

Google Apps at UConn allows users to create a University affiliated Google account with access to the core services, and public services, if desired.

Visit for more information.

What are Core and Public Services?

Core Services

What are the core services available with Google Apps @ UConn?

The applications offered through core services are listed below, click the application name to learn more.  Each of these apps are covered under the University – Google enterprise agreement (see core services policies):


Public Services

What are Google public services? What apps are made available with public services? How do they differ from the core services?

The applications below are made available to users with Google accounts.  The public services fall outside of the University – Google enterprise agreement (see public services policies) and require users to agree directly with Google’s terms of use. Users must opt-in to gain access to public services. The public services content will be a dynamic list as Google offers new products and expires old services.

Opt in to Core Services


Click the Create Faculty/Staff Account Button.

Login with your NetID and Password.

Click the I want to opt in! button to create your account.


Review the terms of service, scroll to the bottom of the page, and click the Accept button.


Create a password for your UConn Google Apps account.  This will be used when you log into any Google application with your UConn credentials.  Click the Submit Passwords button.

  • Hint: You can use your existing NetID password in many cases.  It should meet the complexity requirements.

Upon completion, a message displays: Congratulations, Your new gmail account has been created.

Try logging into your account for the first time at

Opt In to Public Services

Navigate to

Click the Opt-In to Public Services button.


If prompted, enter your NetID and password.


Click the I want to opt in! button to enable your public services account.


Review the terms of service, scroll to the bottom of the page, and click the Accept button.

Upon completion, a message displays: Your new email address is now enrolled in “Public Services”.

Why should I opt-in to UConn Google Apps Public Services?

Though all students now receive a Google Apps account to use for their primary school email, many have no idea the suite of applications that comes with the account outside of just email. With the core services that students are given they have email, cloud storage, live collaboration on documents, and web video chat applications all for free! This core suite of applications is only the beginning and is now being extended for use by the faculty/staff of the university. The opt-in process for Public Services is available for all UConn Google Apps users to participate in and opens up a number of additional Google applications. Want more? Opt in Today!

  • Google Plus – social media that integrates many of the applications
  • Picasa Web Albums – online storage for your photos
  • Google Analytics – Webstats tracking application for your Google Sites
  • Google Takeout – online backup application for your Google account
  • Google Maps – get directions or even create your own custom maps
  • Blogger – easy to use blogging software
  • And many more! – Check out our Public Services page for the full list

Create a Google+ Community for Your Class or Team

This guide explains how to create a Google+ community. This guide explains the privacy options and how to create your community. This could be a great option to create a shared space for collaboration and sharing in your class or your working team.

Before getting started, make sure that you have a UConn Google Apps account, that you upgraded your account to public services, and you have created and logged into your UConn Google+ account.

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