OneDrive: Help with syncing and more

As a follow-up to last week’s tip on syncing in OneDrive and in response to information submitted to the UITS Help Center, we have one last piece of critical information about syncing…

Have you synched your files but don’t see them in your UConn OneDrive account?
As a first step, remember to login to your UConn Office 365 account at If you select OneDrive prior to logging in to your UConn Office 365 account, you’ll be taken out of UConn’s Office 365 web site and will see “OneDrive for Business” as a logo.  If you see this logo – and not “OneDrive @ University of Connecticut – you’ll know you’re in the wrong place.

If you’ve created files in Microsoft’s OneDrive location and not in your UConn OneDrive account, you can ‘share’ the files you’ve created with your UConn email account so you can get those files back into your UConn OneDrive account.

For more information about OneDrive, visit

And more… collaboration on OneDrive
In addition to providing online storage, OneDrive can facilitate collaboration and make your job easier. The last time you worked on a project, did you have to work on a document or spreadsheet and email it around to your team members for feedback and edits?  And then coordinate all of the responses?  Well, no more!  You can create you document on Office 365 and share it out to you team and all can provide edits – simultaneously! For more information, click on the OneDrive icon under Services on our home page.

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