Post Created YouTube Videos in HuskyCT

This guide describes how to upload or record videos on YouTube and post them in HuskyCT.

Before getting started, make sure that you have a UConn Google Apps account, that you upgraded your account to public services, and you have logged into before.

For more information please refer to this article on Uploading Videos to YouTube.

Launching the Content Editor

Record from Webcam

Browse for Uploaded

Launching the Content Editor

1. Login to HuskyCT and open your course site.

2. Find an area in HuskyCT where you would like to post your video (This can be anywhere where you see the content editor).  Examples include content items, discussion boards, announcements, grader feedback.

3. Click on the Record from Webcam (even if you are uploading a video you already uploaded to YouTube).

record everywhere content editor


4. Sign in to YouTube using your UConn Google Apps account (

sign into youtube


5.  If you would like record from your webcam, click Record from Webcam.  If you would like to use another video you already uploaded to YouTube, click Browse.

choose to record or browse


Record from Webcam

a. Click Record from Webcam.

select to record from webcam


b. When you are prompted by Adobe Flash to enable the player settings, accept or agree.

c. Agree to allow the recorder to upload videos to YouTube.

grant access screenshot


d. Click Start Recording. When you are finished, click Stop Recording.

select to start recording


e. Click Upload to save your video on YouTube.

f. From the content editor window, select Submit to publish your changes in HuskyCT.

select to submit to publish any changes


Browse for Uploaded Videos

a. Find the uploaded video, and select to insert, preview, or edit.  Click Insert to add the video to the content editor. You can choose between:

  • Play in place: Plays the video in the current location. Users can resize the video size to match the content. A placeholder appears in the content editor where your video will play for viewers.
  • Thumbnail: A small image of the video is displayed. Users click on the thumbnail to view the video in a new window.

browse for video


b. From the content editor window, select Submit to publish your changes in HuskyCT.